“Having built a home 15 years ago, I was apprehensive about a project 800 miles away. I knew what I wanted in a builder: Someone I could totally trust, someone who would be conscientious, detail oriented, able to deliver to a very high quality standard, and a capable problem solver. That person would have to artfully quarterback the owners, architect, designer, and subs. Independent and experienced enough to recommend better ideas and possible solutions but then be willing to enthusiastically embrace the “customer is always right” adage.

Jack was all of this things and more. He was 100% committed to a successful outcome and delivered on that goal.”

Hans Helmerich
Tulsa, OK

“Jack got involved with the project while we were drawing the plans, and he made a number of great suggestions which were often more cost-effective, functional, or a better appearance. Throughout the construction, Jack continued to offer his advice and suggestions, which were always very good ones. He has a great eye for how things should look.

We had some very unique requests, for several things Jack had never done. Unlike some previous builders who would say “You can’t do that,” instead, Jack would say “Let me think about that,” and usually by the next morning he had figured out a way to do what we were wanting. He seemed to relish the challenges, and enjoyed trying new things.

Probably the highest compliment of Jack Huckins is the fact that all of his subcontractors love working for him, and he is able to choose only the best.  He builds such a spirit of teamwork among the subs, and they all truly had a great time building our house.  He is great at scheduling out the job, so that the progress moved along well, always ready for the next phase or component.

And very importantly, Jack developed a very detailed budget on the front end, and the only significant variances from that budget were due to our actions!  He kept us informed throughout the project as to where we were financially, and there were no surprises. Finally, after the job was completed, Jack has continued to be very responsive to correcting any problems (of which there have been very few!) We recommend Jack very highly.

Bill and Margie Abraham
Crested Butte, Colorado

“Once my wife and I started the design of our future home in Crested Butte we identified and interviewed six builders from a list provided by our architect.

During the interview process, it immediately became clear to both of us that Jack Huckins was the General Contractor we wanted to work with on the project.

Having previously built two houses, we knew from experience the critical characteristics necessary to have an enjoyable experience and final product that would meet our expectations.

A few of the characteristics we required include: the highest personal integrity, exceptional experience, an easygoing personality, an eye for the highest quality with economy in mind and the best sub-contractors.

Our selection of Jack as our General Contractor turned out to be an even better decision than we anticipated.

Jack was a pleasure to work with, he found ways to improve quality while reducing the price, came in below budget and on time.

Our house is everything we hoped for and more.”

Kip and Gail Richards
Tulsa, OK

“I can’t overstate the value that Jack Huckins added to our house. He was instrumental in taking the project from a two dimensional drawing to a three dimensional masterpiece. Even the most detailed architectural drawings leave dozens of unanswered questions. Our architect said, “Jack asked the best questions of all the contractors that he works with.” He was thoughtful, creative, and no detail was too small to escape his notice. He made the process a joy – so much that we emerged as close friends. I would never consider undertaking another project like this with anyone other than Jack.”

Daryl Owen
Washington D.C.